Lean Six Sigma Green Belt -Live

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt live zoom sessions with 4 months consultation for implementation of your project.

18 sessions . 48 training hours

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Lean Six sigma is a great methodology used to reduce the defects and waste in any process and increase the creativity and revenue in it. you can use it in all fields from industries to services and healthcare organizations.

During our course lean six sigma GREEN Belt, you will know what is lean six sigma methodology and how to use it to increase the quality and accuracy in production & services processes. Also you will know the waste types and how to reduce it. You will be able to lead small six sigma projects and share as team member in large projects under supervision of black belt member. Take your first step and enroll with us.

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What lean six sigma is and how to use it in different fields.

six sigma concepts

lean concepts

8 types of waste

six sigma methodology ( DMAIC) Define, Measure, Analyze , Improve and Control.

Six Sigma Tools.

Statistical Tools.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?


Who are your target students?

Production engineers, Service providers, Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Quality specialist and anyone need to improve his work and processes.


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